U.S. Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association - Big Beach Ball


The U.S. Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association wanted to run a special rate during the winter months targeted

at families in the Northeast.



To associate the special rate with something that all families could identify with and remember easily, a beach ball.

A landing page (bigbeachball.com) was created for the special offer. This created curiosity as to who or what

bigbeachball.com was, and more importantly track the number of hits to the site.


During each of the morning shows (Today, Good Morning America, and The Early Show) 5 models in

bathing suites stood outside in the freezing cold holding beach towels and beach balls printed with the URL.

Crew members also handed out branded beach towels and balls.


A photo/video shoot was also planned in Times Square. A 10’ beach ball was inflated and served as the backdrop

for the shoot. Crew members also passed out beach balls and beach towels to the large crowd that had gathered.


The stunt was so successful the client repeated it in Chicago.

Peter Island Resort & Spa - A Taste of the Islands


Peter Island Resort & Spa wanted to create visibility for their world class marina within the boating community.



Create an event promoting the marina at one of the largest boat shows in the world - The Ft. Lauderdale International

Boat Show. For the event location the resort’s owner provided his private yacht, the Enterprise V.


The plan was to host a cocktail reception complete with a fine rum tasting, steel band, and cuisine inspired by the

island’s kitchens. Key members of the Peter Island staff were in attendance as well. The day of the event potential

guests were selected and given an invitation. We estimated a maximum of 50 guests, and had over 75 in attendance.

Wineport Lodge - Mind Your Own Business


Wineport Lodge in Athlone, Ireland wanted to communicate the concept of privacy and seclusion for their meeting space.



To hold an outdoor business meeting during the prime morning commute hours in downtown Dublin. This allowed us to

break into high traffic business sectors without any competition and contrast meeting in a public place with the privacy

found at Wineport Lodge.